Our Mission

Balance Consulting's mission is simply to offer practical and innovative multi-disciplined approaches to most  institutional, commercial, and industrial entities.  We have an investigative group that covers all aspects of Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), all types of Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), Remedial Investigations and Property Evaluations. Our Civil Engineering Design team focuses on geotechnical, infrastructural improvements, levee work and construction oversight. We develop new technology applications at water and wastewater facilities worldwide. Our data acquisition services focus is oil & gas, mining, and environmental investigations.  We develop program management for environmental monitoring for air, water, and soils. We also develop work flow, and provide design and data integration services for several industries that include complex analytical equipment deployment to the field. BCI can deliver lab services to your location regardless of the environment where your operations are located.


Innovative Technology Agents and Partnerships:

BCI represents new emerging technology companies on several fronts. We are interested in technology groups in the Life Sciences arena, particularly monitoring, treatment, sustainability, and natural resource management. For example BCI strives to seek out and develop new partnerships with innovative technologies in water treatment, resource development and applications that solve water resource issues and provide sustainable solutions where traditional methods have failed.

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