About Balance Consulting Inc.


Founded in 1996, BCI's services private, NGOs and government organizations, utility companies, financial institutions, mining clients, agencies, municipalities, developers, and the petroleum industry. We also support and partner with various types of consulting firms worldwide.  Our staff of engineers, biologists, geologists, and environmental scientists possess a keen understanding of environmental conditions, regulations, and challenges as we move forward with new missions, projects and institute new monitoring programs. We are diverse problem solvers and project managers.

Over the past two decades we have developed valuable relationships with the outstanding experts and innovative technology companies. Our core group is supplemented by turnkey niche professionals and firms who have exclusive arrangements with us. Some examples of their services include: GIS, training experts, air quality experts, toxicologists, laboratory design, radiation safety, complete engineering and architectural services, bio-containment experts, motor vessel cleaning consultants, mining consulting, oil & gas/petroleum consultants  and biological services. We are also partnered with: GFEL

GF Environmental Labs (GFEL) produces an innovative product that allows today’s laboratory teams to operate virtually anywhere.  We will deliver your team a lab that will integrate with technology for many years to come.    We are your mining, petroleum, environmental science, lab experts. Mobile and Modular solutions worldwide. Design – Manufacture – Train – Sustain. www.gfenvironmentallabs.com