Welcome to the BCI Remediation Group

At BCI Remediation Group, we bring more than 29 years of dedicated expertise to the forefront of environmental remediation services. Rooted in Louisiana, our commitment to innovation and excellence positions us as leaders in addressing the complex environmental challenges of today.

Why Choose BCI Remediation?

Our clientele selects us for our competitive pricing structure and unparalleled experience. We specialize in delivering turn-key remediation projects, employing a comprehensive approach that leverages extensive data and investigative findings to devise cost-effective, efficient solutions. Our reputation for resolving environmental challenges is well-recognized among regulatory bodies and industry peers alike.

Our Specialized Services

Our core strength lies in mobilizing the finest talent and cutting-edge technology to swiftly and adeptly tackle intricate environmental issues. From waste management and treatment to handling, our in-house expertise guarantees intelligent, expedient, and budget-friendly solutions.

Collaboration Opportunities

In an era where quality remediation services are scarce, especially in the Gulf South, BCI Remediation Group seeks to establish a seamless partnership with your firm. This collaboration aims to effectively bridge this gap, ensuring the successful completion of projects, facilitating the return of properties to commerce, achieving site reuse objectives, and implementing superior treatment technologies.

Core Services

  • Contaminated Soil Excavation and Disposal
  • Facility Decontamination and Closure
  • Pond Closure
  • Bioremediation/Phytoremediation
  • In-Situ and Ex-Situ Soil Treatment
  • Underground Storage Tank
  • Removal and Disposal
  • Solids Management
  • Waste Transportation and Disposal
  • Industrial Hygiene Surveys
  • Field Categorization (HAZ CAT) and Lab Packs
  • Sludge Dewatering/Waste Volume Reduction
  • OSHA and Hazmat Trained Equipment Operators


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