BCI’s experienced professionals strive to provide practical and economical solutions that meet clients’ needs. BCI can take the lead on your project and support your organization for the duration.  BCI realizes the importance of continued communication. As such, BCI works to keep the client informed through each phase of the project. We offer state-of-the-art server access to all phases of each project inclusive of accounting, project management, deliverables, and work-space.

Our due-diligence services range from risk evaluations, site selection, and streamlined and advanced Phase I ESAs. We have a fast turnaround and easy to read reports.


Our goal is to get your property back into commerce.  We achieve our clients' technical goals for remediation, assist with meeting their regulatory obligations, control costs, and manage stakeholder expectations.  Our global services include decommissioning, demolition and redevelopment strategies to help capture value from discontinued operations across the globe.  Our skill sets combine remediation technology, toxic waste management, risk assessment, financial and project management, regulatory negotiations and field services.

Our experience includes:

• Formally Used Defense Sites
• Oil & Gas Field Closure Activities
• Mining Closures
• Radiation Sites
• Biological Impacted sites
• Bio-Containment Services
• Decommissioning, Decontamination and Demolition (DDD) services
• Sediment management and remediation; Asbestos, Lead and Mold services are available


Risk management services range from the traditional assessment of risk for industrial complexes to assistance with operational issues with upstream, midstream and downstream O&G facilities.  We work closely with most industrial sectors, operators, landowners, transmission entities, their consultants and contractors to identify, assess and reduce risk.

• Phase I
• Phase II
• Phase III RI/FS and Turn-Key remediation services
• Property Condition Assessments
• Aerial Surveys
• Data Review
• Site Ranking for site screening
• Marine Waste and distressed cargo evaluations and remedy

Our ability to evaluate the combined impacts of risk on business from a safety, environmental, health, social, reputational and security perspective differentiates us from other providers.  BCI’s integrated Risk Management Practice addresses equipment, management systems, safety culture and emergency responses, providing added value and enabling us to support clients in the development of effective SHE Cases for their operations. We deliver the full suite of engineering safety studies on new development projects, including Formal Safety Assessments, all the way to detailed Process Safety reviews of high risk sites and liability costings for clients considering major transactions.

What we do:

• Project risk and safety support, including decision support
• Quantitative Risk Assessments (QRA)
• Drilling/SIMOPs Risk Assessment
• Process Safety Management
• Offshore Safety Cases, HSE Cases, COMAH
• HSE Impact Assessments (HSEIAs)
• Safety Critical Elements Identification and Performance Standards
• Emergency Response Assessments and Planning
• Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM) Studies
• Corporate Risk Profiling
• Enterprise Risk Management
• Conceptual and Numeric Fate & Transport Modeling
• Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments


Our environmental experience is broad.  We perform due diligence for time critical acquisitions, develop new programs for monitoring programs, and perform investigations that usually include other firms with specialty capabilities in mining, oil and gas, and toxicology.  We have completed over 1000 Phase I projects throughout the US and abroad over the last 19 years. Our team also prepares grants for LEED Projects and Permit Applications for the USACE, MDEQ, LaDNR, LDEQ, FEMA, EPA, and USCG.  BCI has managed over 75 million in projects ranging from laboratory deployment, cleanup to infrastructure development, master planning, plus road and design facility layout.

Environmental Services:

• Small to Large water and waste water treatment systems including constructed wetland systems and systems that approach zero tolerance discharge limitations
• Turn-key barge and ship cleaning technical support services
• Compliance Auditing
• Remedial Investigations/Feasibility Studies (RI/FS)
• Voluntary Cleanup Agreements (VCAs/VCPs)
• Solid and Hazardous Waste Handling and Storage
• Waste Minimization Plans
• FUDS Evaluations
• AAI/Phase I ESA ASTM 1527
• Waste-water Collection and Treatment Design
• Potable System Distribution Designs and Treatment Studies
• Storm Water Management & NPDES
• Environmental Permit Preparation
• Regulatory Compliance Auditing
• Biological Testing and Remediation
• Chemical, Medical and Special Waste Management
• Environmental Engineering Evaluation / Cost Analysis
• Environmental Project Design and Work Plan Development
• Oil/Chemical Spill Assessment
• Turnkey Investigation and Remediation Services
• Hazardous and Solid Waste Contractor
• NORM and Low Level Radiation Investigation and Remediation Experts
• Environmental Restoration Projects
• Wetlands 404 and Section 10 Efforts
• Phase I, II Investigations & Phase III Efforts (ASTM & AAI)
• Hydrogeologic Studies
• Surface Water Studies
• Environmental Regulatory Interface (EPA, LDEQ & LDAF)
• Hazardous Toxic Radioactive Waste (HTRW) Investigations
• Hazardous Waste Management
• Health Risk Assessments (RECAP & RAGs)
• Soil and Groundwater Remediation
• UST/AST Underground

Geo-Science Services

• Erosion Control and Soil Management Design
• Geo-technical Design and Assessment
• Mining Storm-water Treatment Technologies

SBA Work

SBA Phase I Complaint Reports and The SBA‘s revised SOP 50 10 5(F) — revised January 1, 2014 — presents the SBA’s most up-to-date policy describing how to meet their environmental due diligence policy. BCIs team provides the best option for fulfilling SBA’s requirement for an environmental Records Search With Risk Assessment (RSRA). The BCI method includes a review of 5 different and critical historical environmental sources with a detailed review performed by a BCI environmental professional, along with a environmental risk rating for your Property.

Currently a member of the following ASTM committees:  E50, E50.03, E50.04, E50.05, E53, E53.07, F38, F41


SBA Requires… BCI Provides…
Search of government databases
identified in the EPA’s AAI rule (40 CFR 312.26)
Searches national databases of environmental records, meeting each of the search radius and data currency requirements stipulated by the EPA.
Search of historical-use records
Pertaining to the property and adjoining properties.
Includes findings from the Sanborn Library, which is the largest and most complete repository of historical fire insurance maps, plus city directory historical search results at five year intervals.
Risk assessment
Performed by a qualified environmental professional (EP), based on the results of the records search, concluding whether the property is at high risk or low risk for contamination.
Includes a risk review by an AAI-qualified EP. After reviewing the current and historical report components, the EP determines the risk level and provides explanatory comments.

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