Balance Consulting inc. (BCI),  a leading environmental science and planning firm, has completed hundreds of Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) reports on properties for commercial real estate transactions, lender financing, owner re-financing, foreclosures, and other programs. Our Phase I ESA’s have been completed for a variety of program requirements, including:

  • ASTM Standard Practice E1527-13
  • All Appropriate Inquiry 40 CFR Part 312
  • SBA SOP 50 10 5 (C)
  • Specific Lender Requirements
  • and others...

Our Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are completed by experienced staff and all are directed by environmental professionals with over 20-years' experience. Our projects are very cost-effective, and we have the available staff and experience to complete multi-site portfolios with very short due dates.

We specialize in fast completion, quality assessments, and competitive cost while meeting the requirements for the ASTM E1527-13 standards and the All Appropriate Inquiry Rule (AAI) 40 CFR Part 312 rule.

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Balance Consulting, Inc. has been approved under the Hudson Initiative - Small Entrepreneurship Program in the state of Louisiana. Louisiana's Hudson Initiative is a certification program that is designed to help eligible Louisiana small businesses gain greater access to purchasing and contracting opportunities that are available at the State government level.

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